Refocus your efforts for efficiency

Time to take the 80/20 rule from idea to reality!  As a real estate entrepreneur, you have likely heard of having others do the work for you.  Here we will show you how to unleash the power of effective Virtual Real Estate Assistants (VAs) to not just do tasks; but, to effectively and efficiently run your day to day business so you can focus on growth and opportunities to expand.  We will take you through the shifting of your mindset from investor to business owner which makes ALL the difference.

Run your business virtually with minimal overhead

Physical resources cost money.  Local personnel are generally more expensive when you hire high quality individuals.  Nothing wrong with this except that you may be limited in how many people you can actually hire.  By leveraging Virtual Real Estate Assistants, you can save tremendous amounts of money and achieve the same results.  There is no reason to spend top dollar when others are ready to serve and help at a more affordable cost.  Thanks to a global internet, this is a reality any investor can leverage today.


Get the help you need not by hiring ‘cheap’ virtual labor but Quality Virtual Real Estate Assistants

Fully capable, fully competent, fully eager to serve and be part of a winning team, there are quality VAs out there ready to go.  You lead, they make it happen.  Everyone wins.  Start saving your time by allowing high quality VAs to handle your load for you in an effective manner.  They will show you the gaps in your business and the holes to fix.  By leveraging their talents, they help your machine hum so you may get your time back.

Scale as much as you want

Everyone has different business goals to define their success.  Maybe it’s to have tons of money, or to lead an effective team or to serve others as effectively as possible daily.  Whatever your goal, the 80/20 VA Office will allow you to scale to whatever degree you need to make your dreams a reality.  You are the investor and get to decide how far to go.  It does take work and quality effort.  However we will be your guide to effectively thinking through all the steps required.  The system only needs your leadership.  That’s the 20%.


Integrate Virtual Real Estate Assistants

For an established business owner or manager, integrating VAs into your existing culture can be a major shift.  Cost savings, greater job interest for existing team members, improved effectiveness by all can each be realized.  Consider the potential worldwide exposure of culture for professional and personal growth.  Having VAs on your team is more than just a numbers game.  Growth that makes an impact, not just on your bottom line, but on your team’s life, is an awesome experience far too many still don’t know about.




For all you ambitious achievers who already know you need to make the 80/20 rule a reality and want to get it right the FIRST TIME, let’s not delay. Below is a list of what is included with the 80/20 VA Office system to make it happen.  Check it out and if you think this system could help you even slightly make more money (because it can) and get your time back (because it can), then go ahead and click the ‘Add to Cart‘ Button at the bottom of the page and let’s get started. With our 30 Day Guarantee, there is no risk to you!

What’s Included?

  • checkedEIGHT Core Modules that teach you to run and grow your real estate business with VAs including:
    arrowSession 1 – Psychology, Mindset and the Types of VAs.
    arrowSession 2 – Understanding the Different Roles for a VA.
    arrowSession 3 – Deciding Which Tools You Must Have.
    arrowSession 4 – Hiring a VA From Ads to Interview to Decision.
    arrowSession 5 – Building Processes and Training.
    arrowSession 6 – Life With a VA and Maximizing The Relationship.
    arrowSession 7 – Managing a Team of Multiple VAs.
    arrowSession 8 – Adding a Local Admin Assistant to the Mix.
  • checkedPLUS…THREE Niche Specific Modules that show you how VAs can handle everything reasonable with: Session 9 – Wholesaling, Session 10 – Rehabbing, and Session 11 – Being a Landlord.
  • checkedPLUS…Numerous templates you can use to hire and manage VAs.
  • checkedPLUS…Demo sessions where I will build the system for you at a basic level in real time for the relatively new investor.  We also will show you how to leverage the system using advanced tools if you are more experienced…Literally copy what I do step by step.
  • checkedPLUS…E-Mail Support for assistance and Motivational Messages to keep you focused.
  • checkedPLUS…Transcripts of all Audio and Videos created for quick reference and refreshers along the way coming soon.
  • checkedAccess to live calls regarding your virtual office, Q&A Sessions directly with myself and guests in the future to help you with your business as well as an archive at your fingertips for quick reference as you are building a business for the long term.
  • checked

    The three different staffing firms I have worked with that have solid real estate experience to help you!!!



The guarantee is simple:

If you follow our steps are not 100% satisfied with the 80/20 VA Office within 30 days of purchase, I want you to immediately let me know and I will refund the entire $297, no questions asked. Now if you are an action taker, I know this won’t be you. So you have nothing to lose and your time back to gain. However, no matter what, I want you to know this is my risk free guarantee that comes with the 80/20 VA Office. Your time is the number one, most important asset you have so you owe it to yourself to make the most of this opportunity.

So click the link under the video above if you want to still learn more OR…

Click the ‘Add to Cart‘ link below to say, ‘No need to wait! I am in!’ and buy the 80/20 VA Office today.  I look forward to seeing you in the members area. Talk to you soon!

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