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Explosively Scalable System to Help You Get Your Time Back While Others Do 80% (or more) of the Work For You!

Name: Frank Iglesias
Re: Making the 80/20 Rule a reality by having VAs run your business FOR YOU

Thank You for taking the next step
by visiting my site.

I am going to tell you about the system that can be a huge game changer in practically any business.  My focus is Real Estate but if you are not in Real Estate, just substitute Real Estate with your business.

But first, imagine this picture...

deals_400 You are a Real Estate Investor and you are looking to grow your business; however, you or perhaps you and your partner can only do so much.  You want it to grow, you see the opportunities, you have no shortage of reasons to get excited...

But as soon as you try to grow…something else tends to suffer. It's always something.  After all, everything that needs to happen doesn't just stop and take a back seat because you decided, Hey! Let's take this business to the next level!  So whether a lack of time, money, help or even a lack of energy trying to make it happen…Growing your business can be like playing Domino Rally in a circle endlessly, yeah have fun with that.

As a result you struggle and wonder, oftentimes yet again, how can I get better at this or how can I do more deals without working harder?

Or maybe you are doing more deals but…time is still tight.  What do you do?

And regardless of your experience, you may have thought things like…If I only had more money, more time, more energy, more partners, resources, organization, help, networking, free time, wait…Did I just say free time?

 Yes I didMany investors could use more of that.

Well, if you have thought any of this, then we can definitely relate to each other.  I have been there!  It kinda stinks.  Actually, I take that back.  IT DOES STINK.

Well you may have heard about this Virtual Assistant thing, or VA’s for short. It’s not a new thing. In fact, several investors have tried them. The Keyword being Tried.  Reality is, most investors I have met that tried a VA either failed to see an impact in their business or had minimal success at best.  In my world minimal success is the equivalent of playing 'a game of anything' against your 11 year old on the XBOX or Playstation.  Good luck getting past round one if you even survive.

Common reasons for the 'VA not so cheap after all', yet stinky and unsuccessful?  Perhaps you can relate to these....

Language Barriers, Training Issues, Lack of Clarity, Lack of Trust, Unrealistic Expectations, Lack of Vision, Slow Internet, Time Zone Issues and on and on…

Many investors have gone after this ‘cheap labor’ for ‘repetitive tasks’ since that is what the Real Estate seminar pitch was.  And that’s exactly what they got…Cheap Labor doing grunt work or repetitive tasks that didn’t accomplish for many the number one goal…

 To Help your business make more money!

After I made these mistakes a few too many times, I was able to make a critical shift.  I decided to approach using assistants, VAs in particular differently and stumbled into what is now our daily operations. It’s a system where your business really runs itself with minimal input from you if you so choose.

Notice I did not say no inputYou do have to do some work.

This is not a fairytale world of zero effort.  However, it can be relatively minimal.  After all 20% is not a huge number.  And with some prep work that I will tell you exactly how to do, you can avoid most of the mistakes I made to make this thing happen in your business.

So, I created a system showing you exactly how I built our Real Estate Investment business that for the most part runs itself leaving me to do what I need to do…

Say Yay or Nay to Deals if I want and get them to the closing table!

And the best part is…Nearly all of it can be done with VAs.  And the parts that can’t, you can do them or you can get a local assistant to do it.

Sound to good to be true?  Well it’s not and in my system I will show you step by step how to replicate what I do.  The result is you can choose to run your business on autopilot to whatever degree you want.  This frees you to focus on getting more deals done…and making more money!

So with that, I introduce to you…

The 80/20 VA Office

The model where your VAs do almost all of the work and you reap the benefits 

But wait!  If VA’s do 80% of the work, that leaves 20% for me...well you’re right, there are a few things you still have to do but I think you’ll enjoy these.

Things like:

  • Collecting checks
  • Depositing checks
  • Minimizing expenses
  • Networking
  • Training your team to do more and as a result being a Leader…A Business Owner!
  • Go on vacation...yes you can go on vacation every now and then...or maybe a lot if you get a really nice thing going.  It's nice to have the option trust me.

In other words, Growing Your Business!  Working ‘On It’ instead of ‘In It’  And with the 80/20 VA Office I will show you how to make the 80/20 rule a reality.

Now I do need to forewarn you up front…

*****Rome wasn’t built in a day*****

And neither will your team but it doesn’t take very long to get it going correctly.

Again this isn't zero effort you don't have to do a thing world.  However, you do NOT have to work harder than is necessary to accomplish what you MUST.

In fact, I have heard it said 1000 times over that Real Estate isn’t rocket science.  Yet…so many investors turn it into just that.  Add ‘getting help’ into the mix, even if your team is only two people, and it can seem like brain surgery in a room the size of a cardboard box…without any tools.  Think about that.

I know the 80/20 VA Office works because it is the system we use every day in our business.

So how do we do it?

Well, one key aspect of the 80/20 VA Office is not only the use of VAs, but Quality VAs for the Long Term.  And long is not defined as a few weeks. We are talking months and years. Every successful business owner I know is aware that they need quality assistance for the long term…Not just to do those ‘grunt labor’ tasks that may or may not move your business forward.

The idea of having busy work done ‘cheap’ sounded good at one time to me…but if the work isn’t creating daily progress, it is expensive labor no matter the cost.

Check out some of these features of the 80/20 VA Office!  They include:

Having Clarity with Each Step of the Entire Process From Start To Finish
Getting Organized for VA Delegation (and not make a mess to fumble through later)
How to Hire a Quality VA the First Time (Or Hire Anybody for that Matter)
How to Train a VA Properly So They 'Get It'
How to Build Repeatable Processes Correctly
What Life is Like With a VA, in Particular International VAs.
The Tools You Need to Have 
The First Three VAs You Need to Hire As You Begin Your Journey and in Which Order TO Hire Them
Every Part of the Wholesale, Rehabbing and Landlord Process That a VA Can Handle

A key trick is to get the quality VAs for your needs and get them to stay.  And if you have never had a VA, much less a Quality one, I will show you exactly how to build the system online for it to work.  Or if you are move advanced I will show you what we do today with our office using more advanced tools.

That’s right, you can literally follow along to create the same system.  No guessing, no mystery, no wondering if it will work.  About the only thing to think about it is how to adapt it to your situation.  Being every market is different and everyone’s needs are different, you do have to think about that.

And speaking of thinking, if you have a more established business, you can think about which pieces of the 80/20 VA Office that best complement your business to implement.  It is an adaptable system that can adjust to your needs however you see fit.  Simply learn it and leverage it!

Now if you still have doubts, let me ask you a question…What price do you put on your time?

For most people, it is not a high enough figure.  As a result, that is why they are where they are.  I can relate.  So put a price on your timethen bump it higher.  Challenge yourself because you’re worth it.  You likely got into Real Estate to get your time back so go get it!

With the 80/20 VA Office, you are investing in your business for the long term.  This is not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme so if that is your goal, there are other online courses that will tickle your fancy better.

This is an investment in yourself and your business.

stock marketing

“Progress equals happiness” is a quote Tony Robbins says often so when you can get progress every day because of this system, what better return is there on your time and money?

Ok Ok.  So you really love the idea but what is the risk?  Well there is one risk…If you buy the system and then put it on the ‘shelf’ without using it…nothing will happen.  That is a risk I cannot control…So when you buy it, implement it!


Implement it immediately!  The sooner, the better.

So let’s talk cost real quick. How much is the 80/20 VA Office?

Well you likely have seen a few seminars beyond this one so rather than take five minutes to tell you about several bonuses you get that you may never use, I am going to keep this very simple.

The price of the 80/20 VA Office is $497. You may be wondering why. Because...

This is not a how to hire a VA course. It is a how to grow your business with VAs that run it for you course.

Big difference.

Bonuses are cool and don't get me wrong we will get some but we are just kicking this off and let's face it, the system is going to keep you busy.  It is deep and quite thorough so a bonus would probably distract you anyway and investors need no help getting distracted.  When you get in, you will see what I mean.

After all Hiring VAs is only one key piece of the puzzle.  I will be taking you through several steps you MUST do if you expect to have success with a VA before you begin to hire one.  I will take you through the preparation process.  Then I will talk you through how to hire them correctly.  And let me give you a little hint…It is very rare to get long term quality VAs over a chat session…


Once you hire that quality VA correctly, I will show you how to communicate with them, how to have reasonable expectations of them and ultimately how to have them help your business grow.

These are not things you just magically get for $3 or $4 per hour.  As a matter of fact, you won’t just 'get it' for $10 or even $20 per hour.  If it was that easy, every investor would have already done it.

You are getting a business model that you can leverage to make money faster with less effort.  A lot less if you choose.  And I do recommend that choice. Considering if the average investor valued their time at what they are worth worst case which by the way is $29.76/hr for a $5000 income per month, then in less than one week, you will have spent the $497 anyway ‘trying’ to figure all this out. And for most investors, they aren’t sure the VA they are trying will even work!

The 80/20 VA Office removes the guesswork for you so you can have confidence you have the right person the first time.

And time is everything!

To give you even greater value, on top of the course we will also provide you 60 days of our 80/20 Freedom membership level.  With this,

  • We will have monthly live calls around various topics regarding virtual offices.
  • We will have live Q&A sessions where I will answer your questions regarding your virtual office and making it effective.
  • We will also have guest speakers come and share with us the successes they have had and how you can apply them to your business.
  • All of this and more will be kept in the system for future reference so you can refer back to the information as often as you like.  More goodies will be added over time.

So now imagine this…

Your business running itself freeing you up to do what you must do and you not being in the middle of all the minutia.  Sounds good?  It’s a very real scenario that I live out daily and can you.

After all, it is relatively easy to find 1-2 deals per month.  Add some VAs to do 80% of the work and your ability to scale and make more money grows exponentially.

So let's review...

  • You get EIGHT Core Modules that covers running and growing your business virtually including:
    arrowPsychology, Mindset and the Types of VAs
    arrowUnderstanding the different roles to consider for your VAs
    arrowDeciding which tools you need vs which are nice to have.
    arrowHiring a VA from the advertising to the interview to the final decision making.
    arrowBuilding Processes for your VAs and training them.
    arrowWhat is life like with a VA on an ongoing basis and how to make the most of it.
    arrowWorking with multiple VAs and how to manage them as your team expands.
    arrowWhen and how to hire a local administrative assistant for the non-virtual tasks.
  • PLUS...THREE Niche Specific Modules that cover VAs handling everything reasonable with wholesaling, rehabbing and being a landlord
  • PLUS...Numerous templates used to hire and manage VAs
  • PLUS...Demo sessions where I will build the system for you in real time if you are relatively new or using advanced tools if you are experienced...Literally copy what I do step by step if you like.
  • PLUS...E-Mail Support and Motivational Messages That Keep Us Focused
  • PLUS...Transcriptions of all Audio and Videos created so you can read if you so choose instead are coming very soon
  • Access to live calls regarding your virtual office, Q&A Sessions and an archive at your fingertips for quick reference
  • And More as Time Passes and others share their successes and all of our businesses evolve!

This is our business model.  We know it works and we are sharing it with you!  Get started by taking action Right Now.

This is the best investment you could make for getting your time back. Risk Free.

If you are not 120% satisfied with the 80/20 VA Office within 30 days, I want you to immediately let me know and I will refund you the entire $497, no questions asked.  Now if you are an action taker, I know this won’t be you.  So you have nothing to lose and your time back to gain.  However, no matter what, I want you to know this is my risk free guarantee that comes with the 80/20 VA Office.  Your time is your number one, most important asset you have so you owe it to yourself to make the most of this opportunity.

So the next move is up to you.  I’ve shown you that the 80/20 VA Office is risk free and has some serious upsides.  We both know you’re seriously interested in taking your business to the next level.

You are an 80/20 success story waiting to happen to a new level.  Simply take the next step.

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Don’t waste any time hiring a VA to do ‘grunt work’ tasks that ultimately aren’t getting you closer to your goals every day. Get the 80/20 VA Office today so your assistants propel your business forward day in and day out.

And here is a bonus that REALLY COUNTS at no extra cost…

 Implement the 80/20 VA Office even semi-correctly and you will have your assistants challenging YOU to step up YOUR game to keep up with them!

 Which means you can make your business even more efficiently.

Now that is a winning formula!

So don’t delay.  Click on the button at the bottom of this page that says ‘Buy Now’ And let’s get started today!

Your time cannot afford to wait. Get it back starting Now. Click the order button below to purchase the 80/20 VA Office and I will see You in the Members Area.

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Value YOUR time and Maximize It ALWAYS 

Frank_imageYou know the 80/20 philosophy is real.  Start the road to making it real in your business (and your life) so you can have the choice to do what you like to do while your business grows and becomes more efficient.

You are ready so click the Buy Now button and delay no more.  You are a winner.

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